The Power of Women’s Healing Circles

In a fast-paced and often disconnected world, women’s healing circles, also known as sister circles, stand as sanctuaries of solace and empowerment. The ancient practice of circles has found resurgence as a powerful and transformative means of fostering connection, healing, and personal growth. ‘Sister wounds’ refer to emotional wounds that women may experience in relationship with other women, often rooted in jealousy, betrayal, competition, or comparison. We have carried these wounds for centuries and they are often felt as distrust, low-self-esteem, low-self-worth and/or challenges forming close female relationships. Circles are a great space to start healing these wounds. The Power of women’s healing circles is an experience worth exploring.

At Journey2soulful we offer a sacred space where women gather in circle to be seen, heard, and to experience the profound benefits of shared vulnerability, love, and support. As Women we can often struggle with the courage to be okay with taking up space, and habitually pushing things down so that we can show up for others. Our circles are a great space to come together to reconnect with ourselves, and each other finding strength in unity, and experiencing transformation through various modalities such as talking, music, meditation, sound healing, movement, and the profound art of making connections.

 The Benefits

When first entering healing circles it is common to have a mix of emotions, expectations, and curiosity. It’s important to recognize that the experience is unique for each participant. You can expect to experience a compassionate and non-judgmental space where your voice is heard and valued. The circles can help by providing a safe container for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. The benefits of participating in our women’s healing circles can be profound and encompass various aspects of well-being. Participants often leave feeling relaxed, lighter, empowered and with a stronger connection to themselves and others. Beyond the emotional and spiritual advantages regular participation in such circles can positively impact one’s physical health, by reducing stress, and enhance overall quality of life. The supportive connections created within these circles often extends beyond the meeting space, creating a lasting sense of community that endures through life’s challenges.

 The Essence

Our Women’s Healing Circles offer a unique environment where each sister can come exactly as they are and where they are, on their journey. In a society where we can feel like our voices are overlooked or minimized, these circles offer a space for authentic expression. Sharing one’s thoughts, struggles, and joys in a safe non-judgmental space while being fully supported, can be incredibly empowering.  When life’s expectations and pressures can lead to feelings of loneliness, these healing circles provide a place to connect, be seen and heard, as well as release, heal and recharge. Each of our journeys are beautifully unique, and yet, they share common threads that intertwine and create connections. These connections go beyond superficiality; they tap into a universal understanding of the collective and individual experiences we face, fostering a sense of belonging and shared strength. Participating in circle is a great way to nourish and free your mind and spirit through the liberating process of letting go. This process can lead to personal transformation and a more profound connection with themselves and others.

The Healing

Music, with its universal language, holds a unique place within our healing circles. Whether through tunes, rhythmic beats, or soulful lyrics, music becomes a vehicle for emotional expression and connection. Integrating music and sound into the healing circles has therapeutic benefits. It can evoke deep emotions, facilitate release, and create a space for collective healing. In the embrace of music, women often find solace, inspiration, and a shared rhythm that unites them in the journey of healing.

Movement within the circle recognizes the intimate connection between the body and the spirit. Whether through dance, or simple gestures, movement becomes a form of embodied healing. It encourages us to reconnect with our physical selves, release stagnant energy, and express emotions through the language of the body. Movement within the circle is not about performance or perfection; it’s about the freedom to express oneself authentically. As women move together, a sense of liberation unfolds, fostering a connection between the physical and emotional realms. The movement becomes a celebration of individuality within the collective, a testament to the beauty of each woman’s unique journey.

Sound healing is incorporated into our circles through the resonance of singing bowls, drumming, shakers or vocal toning, sound can facilitate a deep sense of expression, relaxation, and inner peace. Sound vibrations have a direct impact on the body and mind, promoting healing at a cellular level. In the healing circles, sound becomes a unifying force, enhancing the collective energy. It’s a great opportunity to explore, create and let go.

Meditation, with its roots in ancient practices, plays a pivotal role in women’s healing circles. It serves as a gateway to inner healing, inviting us to journey within and connect with our innermost selves. Guided meditations or silent contemplation to the singing bowls within the circle create a space for introspection, self-discovery, and the cultivation of mindfulness.

Through meditation, we learn to quiet the noise of external pressures and tune into the whispers of our own hearts. The practice encourages a sense of presence, allowing us to be fully in the moment and embrace the beauty of our own existence. As we collectively engage in the stillness of meditation, a shared sense of peace and centeredness permeates the circle, contributing to the overall atmosphere of healing and renewal.

The Importance of Returning

The journey of self-discovery and healing is ongoing, and returning to women’s healing circles plays a vital role in sustaining personal growth. This is why I offer it as a 6-week circle. Being surrounded by the same beautiful women each week encourages us to open our hearts to an intimate and deep connection and. Returning to the circle provides an opportunity to share new experiences and receive continued support on one’s journey. The sustained connection fosters resilience and reinforces the transformative power of collective healing.

The power of women’s healing circles is a testament to the enduring need for authentic connection, support, and self-discovery in the lives of women. These sacred spaces offer a haven where women can be seen, heard, and supported on their unique journeys. Through the power of shared vulnerability, the purifying process of letting go, and the transformative effects of sound healing, women’s circles pave the way for profound personal growth and lasting connections. As women experience the benefits of these circles, the call to return becomes not just a desire but a recognition of the enduring value of sisterhood, love, and collective healing in the tapestry of their lives.

Through the support, connections, music, meditation, sound healing, and movement within the circle, women find the courage to embrace their vulnerabilities, celebrate their strengths, and embark on a journey of holistic healing. The power of these circles lies not only in the practices themselves but in the intentionality and authenticity with which women come together to nurture their souls and uplift each other.

Women’s healing circles stand as beacons of empowerment, reminding us of the transformative potential that lies within the collective spirit of women. The circle becomes a sacred space where stories are shared, vulnerabilities are embraced, and healing becomes a communal journey. In the rhythm of connection, women find not only solace but also the strength to rise, transformed and renewed, ready to navigate the world with a deeper sense of self and sisterhood. Hope to see you in circle.

With love and many blessings,


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