Yoga with Tracey, you can anticipate a holistic experience blending beautiful stretches, relaxation, and profound connection. These rejuvenating yoga sessions will prioritize both physical and mental well-being. Expect dynamic stretches to enhance flexibility and strength, coupled with soothing elements fostering deep relaxation. The classes go beyond mere physical exercise, emphasizing the creation of a supportive community where participants can connect with themselves and others. The benefits extend beyond the mat, promoting a sense of inner calm, increased flexibility, and a strengthened mind-body connection. Come unwind, stretch, and cultivate a harmonious balance between body and mind with Wednesday Evening yoga. 

Pre-registration required.

$15/class (4-5 classes/month)

Monthly commitment.

Payment holds your spot

Refund or make up class only when class is cancelled by Instructor.

$15/class (4-6 classes per month)

Message Amanda @647 822 4883 or email to inquire.

Payment by e-transfer to