Intention Setting

Creating a Mindful Journey
Embracing a Year of Growth

Many of us think back on the past year as we explore the possibilities that lay ahead as the calendar turns its page to 2024. This year is different for me. Instead of making resolutions that often end up broken, I am embracing the concept of setting intentions for a deliberate and thoughtful approach to guiding my journey through the next twelve months. This year I am embracing a year of growth through intention setting and creating a mindful journey.

For years, I had been caught in the cycle of making New Year’s resolutions, only to see them fade away as the year unfolds. The promises I made to myself would often get moved to the back burned when other things popped up that needed my attention. Before I knew it, I abandoned my own commitments to healthier habits and personal growth. It became a frustrating pattern of setting goals, feeling the initial surge of motivation, and then watching it dissipate as the year progressed. I was often left discouraged, leaving the end of the year in either in the same or worse health than I initially started it in. The past few years I entered the new year simply with, ‘this is going to be my year’, this was my way of avoiding broken commitments to myself.

 This year I let go of the tradition of resolutions and instead, I am choosing to set a more detailed intention for the year ahead. Intentions are not rigid promises but rather guiding principles that align with the person I aspire to be. It’s a commitment to my journey, all while being aware that the path is not linear. If I fall of the path, I get to recommit and stay true to the essence of my chosen intentions. What was missing before was prioritizing myself, which means being committed.  What this looks like for me is setting non negotiables in my day that prioritize my self-care. An example of this could be, my movement needs to be completed before I do anything in my day or before I go to bed, no matter how I feel or what comes up. 

Healthy concept. Body, Mind, and Spirit drawing on blackboard

My primary intention for the year is being connected with my body through physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Movement, nutrition, and meditation stand at the core of my commitment.

Movement: Incorporating regular physical activity into my routine daily is my intention. It’s not about strict workout regimens but rather finding joy in movement—be it through nature walks, yoga sessions, or dance. The goal is to listen to my body, allowing it to thrive.

Nutrition: Focusing on nourishing my body with wholesome foods is another integral aspect of my health intention. The past few years I have not treated my body with the respect it has deserved, and I get to change that, there is a strong link between physical wellness and spiritual and mental health. My intention is to be mindful in my bodies need for nourishment and making a conscious effort to make food choices that support my overall well-being. I plan to do this through exploring new recipes, emphasizing whole foods, and cultivating a healthy relationship with food.

Meditation: The practice of meditation is a pathway to creating a deeper connection with my inner self. I am commitment to set aside time for stillness and reflection, daily that supports emotional resilience and my spiritual connection. A daily meditation practice is something I have wanted to incorporate into my routine for a few years. It was only the past couple months meditation has become a regular practice for me and I am loving it.

Setting intentions is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Intentions provide a clear direction for our actions, guiding us towards the person we want to become. Unlike resolutions that often focus on outcomes, intentions emphasize the journey, encouraging us to be present in each moment. Follow-through is the bridge between intentions and manifestation. It requires commitment, self-discipline, and resilience. While intentions set the compass, follow-through is the journey itself. As we show up every day committed to the process, the outcome unfolds on its own while we are busy being in the moment. In the past when life happens, I have easily put aside the things I had wanted to do for self-care, such as working out, walks, meditation, and relaxation. This year, I am determined to nurture the connection between my intentions and my actions, it’s the small, consistent steps I take daily that will contribute to the larger picture of my personal evolution.

 The relationship between intention setting and prioritizing ourselves is a dynamic and symbiotic one, fostering a holistic approach to personal well-being and growth. Understanding this connection can provide insight into the transformative power of intentional living. By prioritizing our well-being, we are better equipped to show up for ourselves with the strength and resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges. When we honor our commitments to self-care, we become more attuned to our physical, mental, and spiritual needs. This, in turn, creates a ripple effect that extends beyond our person. When we prioritize our health and well-being, we become better equipped to offer support, empathize, and be present to those around us. It’s a symbiotic relationship; the more we invest in ourselves, the more we will have to give to others. This year is not just another trip around the sun; it’s a journey of growth in mind, body, and spirit. The intentions I’ve set serve as beacons, guiding me through the next twelve months. It’s a commitment to continuous learning, self-discovery, and embracing the inevitable challenges as opportunities for growth.

If you are interested in letting go of resolutions and shifting into creating a life you want, intention setting is a great start. Setting intentions is an act of self-love that creates a roadmap for personal evolution. By prioritizing health, embracing the journey, and fostering a connection between intentions and actions, you can step into a year of amazing growth. Embarking on this intentional journey, can be exciting with endless possibilities. Are you excited to see where the road leads this year and embrace a year of growth, through intention setting and creating a mindful journey? Book a free consult with me and lets chat about what you want to see shift for you this year. 

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