Matt McIsaac

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Hello. My name is Matt. I am a Natural Healing practitioner offering Biofield Tuning. This modality’s intention is to release energetic blocks in the body that can affect both our mental and physical state. It can help deal with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, PTSD, sleeping disorders, and autoimmune issues.

I first became interested in alternative healing/therapies in 2018 when my girlfriend at the time introduced me to the local holistic store. I was reluctant at first as I had doubts of trying things that were “outside the box”, but it was at this very shop I had my first Biofield Tuning experience.

 I realize now that everyone’s reaction to this modality is unique, but for me the affect was incredible. Pain and grief that I had previously buried from the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one resurfaced in that session. I was shocked to realize I was able to let go of so much emotional pain that was attached to the loss. I literally felt lighter afterwards.

 This experience had a profound impact on my life. I soon realized I wanted to become a practitioner myself. Since then, I have gained my Level 1 and Level 2 of Reiki, completed Biofield Tuning Foundations, and stepped into being a practitioner on a full-time basis.

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Bio-Field Tuning clears energetic blocks in the Bio-field through tuning forks/sound therapy.